Mother Mystery

Magic… that’s what the creative process often feels like to me! This painting has taken me on such a journey into the mystic, which was a favorite song to dance to with my mom. Serendipity finds me again as this painting has been singing to and through me near Mother’s Day of all times! I’ve been exploring with this one for the past 4 weeks and am glad to be able to share the magic and messages with any that would like to gracefully receive. I am grateful for the experience and the medicine that it has had for me. May it feel like a hug from Mother Mystery to you, too. ♡ Dedicated to my angel momma and all of the wonderful women that have come into my life since her death and shared your wisdom and love with me as sisters and elders and to all the men that share our lives with respect and strength and see the beauty within. Thank you!


I keep discovering more and more images/presences/energies within as I sit with it by the fire place in our living room, including Christ, tribal ancestors, a trickster, a pregnant woman, a neanderthal… it’s like the clouds with so many images shifting through it… or maybe a mirror reflecting my own stories and concepts. I wonder what you might see?! I don’t know if it’s finished yet or if some images may get more visually defined at some point. I’m resting with it here in this state where it feels so full of life and mystery and wonder for now!

Here is a behind the scenes video slideshow of the many layers as this painting evolved over the 4 weeks. This is what flowed through me while participating in the Gold Dust Woman online course/circle hosted by Flora Aube and Ree Altavilla and shared with an amazing group of other women.


This one even has it’s own playlist of songs that it seemed to sing to me (since my head is full of random song lyrics)… while painting, a line or 2 from a song often popped into my head… sometimes rearranged or altered slightly. These are the songs that I recall coming to mind:

Here is the poetic message that I ‘heard’ or found within the painting this morning and read in the first video above:

I am Mother Mystery
Keeper of the Stars
the wild divine within all
the hug that holds the cosmos
tender of the cauldron
from which life rises & returns
mixed with tears and joy and stardust
I am revolution and rejuvenation
I am the darkness and the sun
embracing all of the memories and hopes within my womb
Milk and honey and nourishment flow freely from my breasts
Wolves of the wild howl to me
They feel my presence in the night & in their bones
I gaze out through the eyes of the stag, eyes of grace
and leave trails through the lacy woods for you
I weave the silken threads 
that create a tapestry of rainbows along your path
With one eye closed, I look within
With one eye open, I see beyond
and balance the world glistening forth
I am the feather that tickles the wind
and the old oak tree that catches you
I am the rose that caresses your senses with sweetness
blooming amidst the thorns 
that provide shelter for the birds that sing my songs
I am the gypsy with a drumbeat in my heart
and wanderlust in my toes
I am all the crosses that you’ve carried
I am the lotus that blooms from the rich mud of life on Earth
through the purifying waters
I am the sun and the moon
that frame your view
I am the owl that thrives in the dark
with inner wisdom to see the way
I am the elder medicine woman 
that holds innocence in her hands
I am all my children
I am the rhythm of the turtle, 
the purr of the cat, 
and the wings of the dragonfly
all at once
I am the foundation that you hide behind
I am the grains of truth within the myths
the original well spring that flows
I am the unlimited weaver of life
I am the joy and the wonder 
and the stardust that sparkles within
My hands reach through you to create & connect
Shed the snake skin of illusion and misconceptions
Paint your dreams with delight
Dance with me, Sing with me, Play with me
Explore the wonder
Calm the ghosts in your head 
with laughter and love

I need no praise nor preaching
there is no need for the effort of a birthing push
I am all ways
I am unconditional possibility & pure love
I am magic right here and now
I am full and free
I wear the shimmering gowns of the constellations
and the white hair of crones
I am the deep gold 
and the flames that light your fire

I am the Whole Spirit

Breathe easy

Place your hands on your heart and your belly
and feel me within where I have always been

I am the sanctuary of your soul
I am alive

© Julia Ostara 2017

May we all be able to see the magic and beauty within the divine mother mystery of life.

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Images, text, and content © 2017 by Julia Ostara from Thrive True. All Rights Reserved. Thank you!

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