Grand Re-Opening Re-Visioning Celebration & Gifts

Wild Wonderful Wishes to YOU, dear beautiful being!

May we celebrate Mother Nature’s blessings on this Earth Day (and every day on this awesome earth!) and thrive in tune with nature, sharing intentional seeds of kindness, on this Spring Full Moon!

The Grand Re-Opening and Re-Visioning celebration and move from the Loving Rd website to this new Thrive True home is well under way! Though I still have a few things to ‘unpack’ and decorate! 😉  In addition, the very first Thrive True e-zine is now available!  I sure hope you enjoy this gift! I’d be delighted if you share it, too!  You can sign-up for the Thrivivalist Newsletter to receive these seasonal e-zines in the future.



I am so grateful for the vision and the lovely contributors that have helped to bring the very first offering of the thrive true e-zine to fruition and this opportunity to share it with you.! ♡ It has been a labor of love. ♡ You may access this gift here & nowEnjoy!

Know someone else that might appreciate the e-zine?  I’d be delighted if you click here to share it on social media and add your breath to the wildflower wishes that we may thrive true together in harmony, scattering sweet smiles & soul food, grace & generosity, reverence & delight.

I’ve been passionately working on this brand new website, along with the e-zine and a new Thrivival online course offering (a wishful version of the ‘revivals’ so popular here where I live in the South) full of soul food to nourish and nurture a flourishing community… kind of a modern ’medicine/wisdom school/circle/gathering’ of sorts… for the co-creative spirits inside each of us. ♡

The first monthly Thrivival offering will be available soon!  In addition, to celebrate generosity and this grand re-opening/re-visioning, I’m donating all net profits from the new Thrive True shop in the month of April to charities, starting with our local food bank, an orphanage, and an organization that rescues trafficked children & reunites families. I’ll be adding more items to the shop over the coming days.

I’m hosting a Grand Re-Opening and Re-Visioning event over on Facebook with give-aways (visit the celebration event here to participate: and wild wishes that we may thrive together in harmony. ♡ . In addition, to the first gift for everyone, the very first Thrive True e-zine (digital magazine), there will be more give-aways in the days to come throughout the rest of April. 🙂

I know what ‘thrive true’ means to me and I’d love to hear what ‘thrive true’ means to you if you’d like to share.   You can also invite others to this event if you know anyone else that might appreciate it!

Thank you so very much for choosing to read this blog and sharing some of your precious time and energy with me!

May we find joy in our journeys and thrive true together in harmony,

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