Wonderful Winter Walk

Would you like to join me for a (virtual) winter walk?  There is still so much bare beauty to be seen, even in winter.  The bareness seems to make it even more intimate to be in nature somehow.  Every season has its own special kind of beauty and wonder.

Since I shared photos from a fall walk around the few acres we call home a few months ago, I thought I’d share the beauty found on a winter walk recently as well.  I went out to feel the sunshine on a bright winter’s day and found so much inspiration for art in the shapes and textures from nature in winter.  Let’s take a little walk together.  Imagine the birds chirping and a slight breeze inviting the trees to dance.  Enjoy! 🙂 <3

20150116_105659 20150116_105954 20150116_110124 20150116_111320 20150116_112627 20150116_112931 20150116_112953 20150116_113242 20150116_113647 20150116_114014 20150116_114044 20150116_115217 20150116_115311 20150116_115408 20150116_115801 20150116_120157 20150116_120203 20150116_120834 20150116_121056 20150116_121147 20150116_121346 20150116_121942 20150116_122627 20150116_123540 20150116_123734 20150116_123826 20150116_124125 20150116_124550 20150116_12482920150116_171543

Koiya, our cat, and I thank you for joining us. 🙂  May you remember often to see the beauty in this wonderful world. <3

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  1. Love the one with the cat and the one with your shadow!

    • Thanks, Iris. 🙂 Figured we should somehow show our presence. 😉 Loved taking the time to see the little details of beauty all around us. <3

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