Loving Rd.

Love is the way.
Love is the way.

Loving Rd is a family business with the goal to inspire others to live life to the fullest, to seek joy, to respect others and nature, and to love more than fear. I started making art as a way to heal my broken heart after my mom lost the battle with ovarian cancer in June, 2010. My hope is to make something beautiful from the broken.

Loving Rd is the evolution of PAS it on, started in memory of my Mom, Paulette A. Sears (PAS), to honor her love for others, nature, and life itself. The name has evolved into “Loving Rd” because “PAS it on” was already so prevalent on the internet and inspirational material. Loving Rd was chosen both for it’s literal meaning (my home is on the corner of Loving Rd. in the Blue Ridge mountains) and the symbolic meaning, Love is the way that my mom lived her life and the example that I wish to carry on.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Loving Rd.

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“Give to others and respect their feelings, you will be loved and respected in return.” – Paulette Sears

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