Birthing a Legacy of Love


It’s my birthday and I’ll dance if I want to. 😉 Actually, I’m sharing a little birthing story and giving deep thanks to my mom. I’m celebrating and honoring my mom’s beautiful soul and carrying on her legacy of love.



The Winter King did not want to go to sleep. The chill reached deep into the bones of the forest as the wind blew and blew. The blizzard brought a blanket of snow to cover the land. The fire of life was determined to burn on. The mother was exhausted from so many hours of labor. The home birth was not to be. Mother and daughter needed help to let the new life flow out of the womb. The first carriage (ambulance) was damaged on the rutted road. Another was sent to carry them to a hospital many miles away from the howling hollows of the farm. As the building swayed in the strong breath of the Wind and the mother labored on after more than 44 hours, a babe was wrenched out of the womb to take her first breath. The strong, soft, Sacred Mother could rest while her body, partially paralyzed from the long birth, took time to fully heal. In the ancient Appalachian mountains, a new Heartlight flickered and sparkled in the frosty depth of night between Feb 1st and Feb 2nd, known in some places as Candlemas and Imbolc, a time when the light grows bright again. The mother gave birth to a Divine legacy of love. The father tended all of the fires, the hearth and home, the animals on the farm, the mother and child. Milk flowed forth from the pure well of life within the mother to nourish the newborn girl. Warmth grew in their hearts and the seasons turned as the child and the wildflowers began to bud and thrive sweet, strong, and vibrant!



That’s my version of the story I’ve been told. I’m so grateful for all that my parents did to bring me into this world. I’m thankful for the healers that helped. I’m thankful for the way my parents tended to my sparkling spirit as I grew into a woman. I’m grateful for the many loving memories I made with my mom before she died. I’m so grateful for her legacy of love for others, nature, and life that lives on, in, and through me. She is the reason I can sing my song and shine my light. I do so with courage and reverence and wonder in loving memory of her. Every word I sing, every painting I share, every dance I do, every hug I give, every hand I hold, every breath I take is thanks, in large part, to her strength and love.



And so, I offer my Heartlight, the art, the inspiration cards, the books, my voice and visions, the sweet soft smiles, the dances, the laughter and the tears, all of my creations and my life as a beautiful tribute to my angel momma, to all of the mothers that weren’t able to see their kids grow up, to those that weren’t able to have kids of their own, to my children that made me a mother, and to the legacy of life and love. May my Heartlight be a spark of warmth, grace, wonder, reverence, joy, serenity, well being, enrichment, divine life, love and kindness.



As a gift to myself and to Mother Muse and Sacred Life, I’ve birthed a book about Dancing with Delight. In the book, I share ways I add rhythm, ritual, and enrichment to lighten my days while Dancing with Life and Letting my Heart Sing. It’s about Dancing With Mother Mystery, Dancing with the Magic, Dancing with the Divine, and Your own Strong, Sweet, Sacred Spirit. It is about falling in love with ourselves and life. Though I could self publish it, I’m really ready for a publishing dream team to help make it as beautiful as it can be. Introductions welcome! 🙂


Sample Book Back and Cover (yet to be fully decided)


Have you noticed how often I’ve used the word Sacred in this post? What does Sacred mean to you? Here is a little sneak peak excerpt from the book (prior to final editing!):

“Accepting that I am Sacred and Whole from the inside, no matter what happens from the outside, feels beautiful. I remember when I chose the word ‘Sacred’ as one of my words to focus on several years ago. I chose it because it was a way to rearrange the letters from the word scared, as in afraid, and completely shift the energy and meaning to Sacred. I have noticed a change in my life since then. It seems the words, or really the energy and ideas, I choose each year tend to build on one another and weave together and become part of my essence.”

I’ve finally chosen my words (spelled these ways on purpose) for this year:
Presentce, Appreciation, and Delightfull

I’ll share more info about the book via email once all of the finishing magical touches are done and it is available. You can choose to receive the Heart to heART email letters at: I’m so grateful that my mom gave birth to this legacy of love and taught me to dance with life and delight!



Beautiful Blessings on this Birth day, Candlemas, and Imbolc to us all.

In Love and Harmony,


PS ~ For anyone wondering since my birthday also falls on Groundhog Day, I dance with my shadow today!

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