Honoring Intuition, Creativity, and Life

Ahhh…. it’s such a blessing when we can pause to take a deep breath and to honor and appreciate our lives. This is the time of year here in the northern hemisphere when the days grow shorter, the house grows cozier cuddling near the warmth of the fire, and the culture around me takes time to express gratitude through the Thanksgiving holiday. I recently had a lovely conversation that feels so in tune with this natural rhythm.

Thanks to energy coach, Michelle Wolff, for hosting this interview/discussion! We talked about the creative process, how intuition enhances life, the importance of TRUST (going with the flow even with Internet distortions while recording this ha!), HONOR and RESPECT for the process of connecting to and collaborating with the Divine.

I invite you grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us. If you’re often on-the-go and would like to listen in the car while commuting, you can download the file from vimeo to listen to that way ~ just keep your eyes on the road instead of on us please! 😉



Thanks so much for joining us! You can learn more about Michelle at her website thatmichellewolff.com or her facebook group.

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I hope you found the discussion worthwhile and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. May we all be blessed with time, energy, and sacred space to play, explore, and honor our creativity and our intuition. May we have much to be thankful for along the way.

Wild Wonderful Well Wishes,

Julia (aka Jules/Jewels)

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