On The Road Again – Art 101 Week 7.5

Art (& play!) on the road… travels to visit family in TN last week and FL now (see pictures below).  As good ole Willie Nelson plays through my head, I’ve finally found enough time to write about the last week and … Continued

Facebook Fans Top 40!

What’s YOUR SONG?!?  Reminiscing about listening to a “top 40” music show as a teen and hoping that YOU will share your top songs on Loving Road Fans Top 40!  Today is my husband’s birthday so this post is dedicated to him (do you remember … Continued

What a difference! Art 101 Week 5

How much difference can a free online class, a little practice, and a week make?  I’m actually doing a happy dance over here!  Though pretty embarrassed at the before picture below!  I can barely believe the after picture was also made with my … Continued

Desiderata – DLP Week 26

DLP [Documented Life Project] Week 26 Challenge: Add bible verse that inspires you or a line from your favorite book. As soon as I read this challenge, I knew it was time to add “Desiderata” to my journal.  This is a favorite poem by … Continued

Artsy Blog Hop – Part 1

I was asked to be part of this artsy blog hop, where we each answer the following questions and link to a few other blogs that inspire us.  Thanks to Marcia Beckett for inviting me to participate.  You can visit her blog … Continued

Healing Art (& Art 101 Week 4)

It’s been a fun, healing, playful, open hearted week in my art play room. 🙂  Trust has been the word of the week (day 22 – 29 of the art 101 challenge). It all started with the bright, colorful paper towels that … Continued

Curious Creatives – About me

This is from my guest interview featured on Sarah Leonard’s blog series Curious Creatives. Julia from Loving Rd { WEBSITE }{ STORE }{ FACEBOOK } 1. Tell us a little something about your creativity. What do you enjoy creating the most? I am all over the place with … Continued

Curious Creatives – Guest Sarah Leonard

A warm welcome to my very first guest blogger, Sarah Leonard, from England!  Sarah started a blog series called Curious Creatives.  We interviewed each other and are featuring one another as guests today on our blogs.  Learn more about Sarah below and … Continued

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