Giving Love

Celebrating Connection and Generosity Today (and everyday ūüôā <3 ) * There are so many ways to give! Even if it may not be feasible to give financially sometimes, we can give with our smiles, our words, our creations, our … Continued

Harvesting Happiness

Fantabulous Fall Fun, Marvelous Mountain Magic, Harvest Henna Barn Party, Happy Hearts & Hands, Waterfalls & Walks in the Woods… finding joy in¬†the art of living and loving, celebrating¬†blessings with¬†the art of gratitude, appreciating the art of nature, having an … Continued

Life's a Wild Ride

Life’s a Wild Ride! ¬†If there’s anything I ‘know for sure’, that is it. ¬†The more I embrace vulnerability and open up with people, who in turn share their stories, the more I realize how wild life is for all … Continued

Wanderlust to Open Eyes

Looking through travel magazines last night, I was getting a bad case of wanderlust! Thankfully, today, the lovely weather inspired me to open my eyes to the beauty right where I currently am. ¬†I’ve been missing the ocean, especially the … Continued

Wonderful Winter Walk

Would you like to join me for a (virtual) winter walk? ¬†There is still so much bare beauty to be seen, even in winter. ¬†The bareness seems to make it even more intimate to be in nature somehow. ¬†Every season … Continued

Sparkle, shimmer, & SHINE – Art 101 Week 8.5

Put my brave girl boots on this week!¬†¬†This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine… Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.¬†¬†Sure hope to bring smiles and encouragement to all who see my very¬†first postcard series¬†– … Continued

On The Road Again – Art 101 Week 7.5

Art (& play!) on the road… travels to visit family in TN last week and FL now (see pictures below).¬† As good ole Willie Nelson plays through my head, I’ve finally found enough time to write about the last week¬†and … Continued