Lean in to the Sweet

Amidst a bittersweet life, I prefer to celebrate and lean in to the sweet.¬†ūüôā¬†This painting and the playlist that goes with it helped remind me of that as the message emerged to “lean in… life is sweet.” (Please click to … Continued

The Gift of Gratitude

Happy November! <3 ¬†This is such a lovely month… when so many take the time to celebrate life with Thanks Giving!¬†¬†Making the effort to practice gratitude and give thanks is a great way to harvest happiness. ūüôā ¬† All the … Continued

Harvesting Happiness

Fantabulous Fall Fun, Marvelous Mountain Magic, Harvest Henna Barn Party, Happy Hearts & Hands, Waterfalls & Walks in the Woods… finding joy in¬†the art of living and loving, celebrating¬†blessings with¬†the art of gratitude, appreciating the art of nature, having an … Continued

Love Within

Sharing the story (and hence, part of my story) of one of my paintings from the Bloom True class. ¬†I’m calling this painting “Love Within”. ¬†It’s not quite done, but the last official class lesson was today and the assignment … Continued

Celebrating Loved Ones – All Souls' Day/Dia de los Muertos

The idea of taking a day to celebrate the dead, our loved ones, touches my heart and the approach as a festive celebration warms my soul.¬† I am new to celebrating/acknowledging All Souls’ Day and the Day of the Dead.¬† … Continued

Go Your Own Way

Art keeps mending, healing, growing, and lifting¬†this heart!¬†¬†Learning to go my own way…¬†<3 Thanks again to Tamara LaPorte¬†for the awesome (and free) art, heart, & healing course!!¬† I’m finally up to the¬†whimsy girls part of week 2.¬† I made 2 … Continued