Birthing a Legacy of Love

  It’s my birthday and I’ll dance if I want to. ūüėȬ†Actually, I’m sharing a little birthing story¬†and giving deep thanks to my mom. I’m celebrating and honoring my mom’s beautiful soul and carrying on her legacy of love.   … Continued

Honoring Intuition, Creativity, and Life

Ahhh…. it’s such a blessing when we can pause to take a deep breath and to honor and appreciate our lives. This is the time of year here in the northern hemisphere¬†when the days grow shorter, the house grows cozier … Continued

Sweet Soul Songs & Messengers

What makes your heart &¬†soul sing?! Do you have¬†soundtracks playing in your head? I definitely do! And, I’m trying to be more aware and intentional with what that sounds like! I’m also learning to be more clear with my voice, … Continued

Wonderful & Weird Wandering

Into the Wonder…. that’s where I often wander. It’s been a long, circular sort of journey through life to ‘middle age’ to return to an attitude/approach that embraces curiosity looking¬†through eyes of wonder amidst the great mystery of life… coming … Continued

Mother Home

Home, Sweet Home… Mother Earth… Pachamama. May we all feel at home where ever we may roam.¬†‚ô° ‘Home’ card from ‘Soul Songs’ Inspiration Card Deck We’ve just arrived ‘home’ after a long family road trip (to Canada & Maine) with … Continued

Sweet Heart & Soul Inspiration Cards

Ahhh… isn’t it amazing how invigorating it can be to Take a Deep Breath of Life?! I haven’t always felt that way. There were times when I didn’t much care if I went on living and was often numb. There … Continued

I'm so excited…

Do you have the song in your head now, too? ūüėČ Little fireworks have been going off in my head and heart this morning!¬† This is not the blog post I intended to write next, but this is what is … Continued

Thrive in the New Year

Happy New Year Sweet Souls! ***** Please Note: This post was written before I changed domain names from Loving Rd to Thrive True so all of the social media links are old. Please use the new social media links at … Continued


Giving away a pack of 5 postcards¬†(and giving this¬†dream a chance) and including¬†a bonus extra¬†of the favorite turtle postcard!¬†¬†Please share this post from¬†Loving¬†Road on facebook¬†to enter.¬†¬†Celebrating¬†the first Loving Rd¬†postcard series.¬† Hoping to spread some joy, smiles, love, and inspiration.¬†¬†Winner will … Continued