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You’re invited to join me in a Sacred Circle with Ripple Effects.

“Circle of Life” Painting blended with Photograph by Julia Ostara

I’ve recently set up a community for Sweet Patrons with new offerings. There are various options from ‘tea time’ to more intimate moments sharing soul food and stories by the fire. The ‘Sacred Circle & Ripple Effects’ is my favorite idea so far. I’ve tried to get creative to think of worthwhile offerings to celebrate Sacred Reciprocity. I welcome your input. You can visit to see what’s cooking! 

I’ll be sharing spirit medicine, healing art, painting play dates, card readings, rituals and more. I’m grateful for the ability to try to do what I feel inspired to do as my livelihood in this way. I want it to be a healthy exchange in which you can buy me tea or dinner and I’ll bring plenty of Creative Juju, Spirit Medicine and Soul Food.

I’d love to have you join me at: 

Wild Wonderful Well Wishes,

Julia (aka Jules/Jewels)

PS ~ If you want to set up a similar page/community yourself, you can use this referral link to receive extra bonuses:


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