Sweet Soul Songs & Messengers

What makes your heart & soul sing?! Do you have soundtracks playing in your head? I definitely do! And, I’m trying to be more aware and intentional with what that sounds like! I’m also learning to be more clear with my voice, listen to my soul, and trust what makes my heart sing. While my husband is a real musician that composes songs on acoustic guitar and piano and I love to sing, it is with art supplies that I usually find myself painting my soul songs. Now, I’m glad to be able to share them, and I’m giving away one of the ‘Soul Songs’ inspiration card decks on instagram!



TO ENTER the give-away on instagram for the Soul Songs card deck: 
Please tag at least 3 people that make your heart sing in the comments for the instagram post about the give-away AND follow @thrivetrue on instagram. 🙂 *You can get additional entries for each additional person tagged! If you are an email VIP (you can sign-up further below), you can also get double entries for each person you tag. Please remind me that you are a VIP in the instagram comments as well. Thank YOU so much! The recipient will be selected at random from all entries when the number of followers for @thrivetrue reaches 2200 on instagram.



I’m very grateful to be a messenger of sorts for the encouragement and inspiration that flows through the art and inspiration card decks I’ve been blessed to create. The painting shared on the card below seemed to have an angelic messenger magically appear. I think we all have treasure inside to express and share. ‘Treasure’ was my word for this year and finishing these card decks feels a bit like finding buried treasure within.



I’m giving away the original painting for the ‘Expression’ card from the ‘Heart of Life’ card deck shown above to one sweet email VIP!

TO ENTER the email VIP give-away for the original painting:
Please comment on this blog post by October 31st, 2017 (scroll all the way down to the end of this post to comment) AND sign-up to be an email VIP (very important pen pal) if you haven’t already. I’ll probably only do one more Heart to heART email this year since we tend to get bombarded with emails around the holidays. *Bonus entries for sharing this blog post using the buttons below as well! Please let me know any ways you share with your comment. Thank You!

You can sign-up to receive the occasional “Heart to heART” emails right here:


If you’d like to express yourself more through art, I’d love to have you join me for one of the online creative courses I host. Many of them are available as Pay What You Can/Pay What It’s Worth options! So, yes, they are affordable. 🙂


Also, the inspiration card decks are now available for a Pre-Order Special!


I’m so grateful to have been willing and able to share these. I hope they will be a nourishing tool for exploring the wonder and leaning in to life. I’ve prayed and trust that the energy will be an encouraging blessing, worthwhile tool, and natural medicine (like laughter is good medicine!) to those that choose to receive these. The Pre-Order Special Sale prices are available through Sept. 30th, 2017 in the gift shop (no coupon code needed). These might make great gifts if you want to take advantage of the pre-order special now for gifts later. 🙂



Congratulations to Wendy, who is the recipient of the “Heart of Life” inspiration card deck give-away from last month! I didn’t know anything about her when randomly selecting a name from the entries, yet after contacting her I learned that she lives in the Houston area and was impacted by the hurricane. I’m so glad to be able to do this little thing to brighten her day. I prayed before drawing a name that the person that would appreciate and benefit the most would be selected. Her name actually came out twice in a row because I had missed one entry and had to draw a second time. Meant to be! Thanks to all who entered.

Recipients for these current give-aways will be contacted directly to arrange delivery. If you are the fortunate one to receive the ‘Soul Songs’ deck and have already purchased the deck, you will have the option to receive a refund or another deck.

May we all tune in to our own sweet souls, let our hearts sing, and thrive in harmony. ♡

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May we find joy in the bittersweet art of living and loving. Please feel free to use the sharing buttons below if you know someone that might enjoy the art, blog, give-aways and other offerings.

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