Lean in to the Sweet

Amidst a bittersweet life, I prefer to celebrate and lean in to the sweet. ? This painting and the playlist that goes with it helped remind me of that as the message emerged to “lean in… life is sweet.”

(Please click to enlarge image to view more clearly if it appears blurry)

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I love how it has more messages that seem as if they are rising from the mist and invite the viewer to lean in to read them. I read the messages and shared a little bit of the story from the painting process in the following short video. I almost didn’t want to finish it because the process and time spent with it has been so prayerful, spiritful (did I make that up? I like the sound of it!), and therapeutic.


These songs that came on while painting inspired the title and some of the text:

I’ve been doing gratitude paintings often on full moons. This time, it seems I’ve been in tune with that rhythm without even thinking about it since this painting and video happened to be finished around the full moon. I started reading a book called “The Great Work” by Tiffany Lazic that reminded me of this as it describes natural rhythms. I’m only on page 8, yet it’s already inspired me enough to add it to the virtual book shelf. This quote feels similar to the feeling and message of this painting: “It may be painful and awful at times, but there is so much beauty to be found in the muckiness of human experience as well.” Yes, I want to lean in to life! What about you?


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Wild Wonderful Well Wishes to You!

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  1. I’m ordering another mug for our home because I love when my boys read the messages while having a drink of water and want them to remember this one! 🙂 xo

  2. In the early morning looking at your beautiful art, listening to your voice and choice of music makes me relax. Keep on making much more of it. Hope your book will get written and published. Best wishes for your health and your family. <3

    • Hi beautiful! So nice to see your smiling face pop up through the magic of the internet across the many miles! Thanks for your encouragement, well wishes and friendship. I’m glad you like the music, too! 🙂 Much Love xo

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