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These ‘thrivival’ online retreat/course offerings are intended to nurture and nourish our spirits with creativity, inspiration, and good medicine (the soul food kind!). Each month will be different, yet consistently focused on creatively tending to the mind, body, and spirit. Each month will include a variety of activities, such as guided visualizations, creative art projects, storytelling, inspirational materials, short writing/photography prompts, and other ideas to cultivate intuition, playfulness, discernment, confidence, wonder, generosity, grace, reverence, celebration, and delight.

Everyone that participates in this community has gifts and wisdom to offer.  Open, respectful sharing via the private online community group is welcomed. Whether you choose to accept this offering or not, I hope that you will find ways to thrive true in harmony. ♡

Each Thrivival offering has a different theme, yet is consistently focused on tending the mind, body, and spirit with sweet soul food and exploring the wonder around and within us. Participants are welcome to watch the videos and do the suggested activities in whatever order works best for you in this self paced retreat/course.  You can also download the videos (so no worries if you aren’t able to fit something in right away).

You can download the welcome & access material for all 5 offerings immediately after checkout from the shop!


The individual themed offerings are available as stand alone options in the shop as well:
Inner Compass ☆ The Great Song ☆ Sacred Circles ☆ Wild Nature ☆ Celebration

May we thrive in harmony. ♡

Touched by these kind words from a participant in one of the Thrivival Offerings:

“I am just stopping by to tell you how much I am enjoying ‘Thrivival’. As you felt drawn to do this, I feel drawn to meet beautiful honest people like yourself. That is ‘IT’ in a word ‘Honesty ‘the sheer honesty of the course I love… I feel I am sitting there with you… I am truly grateful for this course ❤️❤️❤️ thank you” – Cherry

Doubt always visits me when I’m working on the offerings I put forth (wondering if anyone else will find value) and it’s nice to hear that it’s worthwhile and helps me to keep trusting the inspiration and visions. ♡

As I was thinking about what in the world do I have to offer and is the new domain name, Thrive True, too ‘wishful’, I decided one thing I can be is a cheerleader. I don’t know ‘the way’ nor think there is ‘a way’ and the more I ‘know’, the more I know I don’t know!  Yet, I’m willing, able, and grateful to share wondering thoughts, activities, and ideas that I’ve found worthwhile (subject to change often!). It might be nice to explore together for a while and I’d be delighted to cheer you on and play, wonder, explore, share stories and thoughts with you. Hence, the creation of these ‘Thrivival’ online retreat/course monthly offerings. ♡

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