Lean in to the Sweet

Amidst a bittersweet life, I prefer to celebrate and lean in to the sweet.¬†ūüôā¬†This painting and the playlist that goes with it helped remind me of that as the message emerged to “lean in… life is sweet.” (Please click to … Continued

Mother Mystery

Magic… that’s what the creative process often feels like to me! This painting has taken me on such a journey into the mystic, which was a favorite song to dance to with my mom. Serendipity finds me again as this … Continued

The Wind of Change

Take me to the Magic of the Moment‚Ķ on the Wind of Change. This has been the theme song for this new painting! She has taken me on quite a journey and has so much to say. She also insisted … Continued

June Solstice Thrive True E-Zine Gift

‚ėÜ Sweet Solstice and Fabulous Full Moon Blessings to You!¬†‚ėÜ The second free¬†thrive true¬†seasonal e-zine (digital magazine) gift is¬†now available¬†at thrivetrue.com/ezine!¬†I sure hope you enjoy it. I‚Äôd be delighted if you choose to¬†share it, too! ¬†I am so very grateful … Continued

November's Magical Give-Away!

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Yay! ¬†I have the joy of giving away a spot in the magical e-course, Mixed-Media Mythology, this November! ¬†Woo-hoo! ¬†I LOVE being¬†able to bless someone with a creative gift like this! <3 ūüôā ¬†It’s also fitting that I get to … Continued

Myth or Magic?!

The legends passed down through the ages have often intrigued me… stories about the various Gods and Goddesses from different cultures. ¬†I’ve recently had the joy of getting to know the Goddess Gaia better while creating a mixed media project … Continued

Harvesting Happiness

Fantabulous Fall Fun, Marvelous Mountain Magic, Harvest Henna Barn Party, Happy Hearts & Hands, Waterfalls & Walks in the Woods… finding joy in¬†the art of living and loving, celebrating¬†blessings with¬†the art of gratitude, appreciating the art of nature, having an … Continued

Vision, Respect, & Generosity or Crawling Under a Rock!

I felt like crawling under a rock! ¬†Instead, I took a deep breath, reconsidered my motivations and values, and learned a lot. ¬†Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve continued to digest the lessons and the love. ¬†Thankfully, several friends took … Continued

Art of Gratitude * Featured Artist Interview * Lara Cornell

So thrilled to be Celebrating Life & the Art of Gratitude with 8 other lovely artists. I‚Äôll be featuring an interview and info about each artist‚Äôs creative projects leading up to the start of the e-course on October 4th. ¬†Lara … Continued