Home Sweet Home

I so hope that you are fortunate to have a home that you feel this way about at some point in your life. I realize that there are sometimes seasons in life that we live more adrift and are less rooted, and perhaps it is those times that help us spread our wings.

Yet, as my son, Evan, said last night, “You know that saying about ‘there’s no place like home?’ It’s true.” Now, how we define ‘home’ can make a huge difference in how we feel about it! I wish to feel that Earth is home – beyond any boundaries. Still, this little piece of land in the Blue Ridge mountains where we spend most of our time does have a certain feeling to it that wraps my family in its embrace in a cozy sort of way. I was lured outside again early this morning by the threads in the roses sparkling with dew. We spent a long day yesterday in Asheville (a few hours from our house) and arrived back ‘home’ quite late and tired last night. It was a beautiful, blessed day exploring the Biltmore house and gardens. On the way back we were talking about the huge house and I asked if any of them would actually want to live there. My son Drew said, “no way – too much to clean!” (Obviously, we don’t have servants!) So, I’m grateful to be able to visit, especially the breathtaking gardens and I’m also very grateful for our home, sweet home.

This image (digitally altered) captures so much of it to me… My husband’s guitar just happens to say ‘Blue Ridge’ which is the name of the nearest town to us. This guitar fills our home with music often. The roses brighten our view out the back door much of the year and the kids and I have made rose petal jam and rose water in addition to enjoying the scent and vibrant blooms. The threads and webs from the spiders remind me of how we are all connected and that this little part of this amazing planet is held in the web of life.

May we all be blessed with the ability to explore and wander and also feel held by home. ♡

PS – I hope to share the beauty and magic of this part of the planet during creative retreats in the future. I shared more about that in another recent blog post here and would love to hear what you think the ideal creative weekend would look like! 🙂

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