Shelters from the Storms

Hoping for safe and smooth recoveries for everyone effected by both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma as well as fires in other parts of the country and any other storms of nature or disease around the world.

I’m glad we were able to be a storm shelter recently while making the most of an impromptu family visit with my beautiful cousin and her sweet family from Fort Myers due to hurricane Irma. Thankfully, their home is okay and they have power now. My dad’s home in the Florida Keys and ranch in Venus, Florida are also okay in spite of the huge mess and being without power. It has been windy and rainy here as well, yet all okay.

I’ve been thinking of so many friends in Florida. I’m also thinking of those that have personal storms in their lives on any given day due to disease or conflict. May we have options, strength and wisdom to make healthy choices. May we have shelters from the storms when we need them. May we have the building block of hope and the resources necessary to endure and thrive after the storms pass.
The HOPE card above is from the Soul Songs inspiration card deck. Each card in the deck has a song(s) that goes along with it. One of the songs for this one is called “Go On.”

This painting was a journey through many emotions (over many months) and a slow tender dance with hope. ♡

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