Thrivival Online Course Retreat ☆ Oran Mor, The Great Song
What makes your heart sing? ☆ Oran Mor, The Great Song Thrivival Available to Start Now! ☆ This ‘thrivival’ online retreat/course offering is intended to nurture and nourish our spirits with creativity, inspiration, and good medicine (the soul food kind!).  Each themed offering includes a variety of activities, such as guided visualizations, creative art projects, storytelling, inspirational materials, short writing/photography prompts, and other ideas to cultivate intuition, playfulness, discernment, confidence, wonder, generosity, grace, reverence, celebration, and delight. This offering’s focus is on exploring Oran Mor, Celtic for "The Great Song". You can download all of the videos to save (so no worries if you aren’t able to fit something in right away). You can purchase the individual Oran Mor/Great Song Thrivival offering at a suggested price now using the add to cart button and get immediate access after checkout! I’ve also made this available with a “Pay What You Can/Pay What It’s Worth” option. To pick your own price, click here for paypal and choose the amount you pay. If choosing your own price, PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE A NOTE THAT STATES YOU ARE PURCHASING THE “Oran Mor/Great Song” ONLINE COURSE AND BE SURE YOUR PREFERRED EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT to receive your welcome and access information. If you use the shopping cart option, you can download the welcome & access material immediately after checkout! If you use the “choose what you pay” option, I will send you an email with access information within 72 hours of receiving notification of payment from paypal (this is a manual process not handled by this site’s shopping cart functionality). Please check your email spam folders then for your welcome email with access information and password! May we beat to our own drums, our own heartbeats, and thrive in harmony! ♡
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