Playful Art Journaling & Self Discovery Invitation

Oh, it feels good to play! ♡♡♡ I prefer the idea that “Play makes Possible” as a twist on the old “practice makes perfect.” Approaching art (and life!) from a place of play has really helped me to open up, enjoy the process and get in the flow. I’d love to join you for a painting playdate around the same picnic table…

Yet, I am so grateful for the internet and all the awesome online friends and artists I’ve ‘met’ around the world in this way! I was invited to be the guest artist guide for the month of March in a year long exploration with free intuitive painting and art journaling prompts hosted by Maria Greene. She interviewed me as well. I so enjoyed chatting with her about art journaling, play, trust, and the art of living. I love working with other creatives in this way and having interesting discussions, too! 🙂 You can watch the interview right here:


You’re invited to join us to creatively play, explore & discover! 🙂


You may join in at anytime! Sign-up for the Thrivivalist Newsletter & free Art Journaling Info below to receive all the access information:

May we all find treasure within us. ♡

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