Welcome! I’m so glad you’re visiting this virtual home and I’d love to hear from you. I’ve set up this page to be an online version of a guest book because I’m so very grateful to have * YOU * as a guest here! ?   I’d love to offer you a cup of tea (I actually send some of my favorite tea with all original art!) and get to know you. Please leave a comment on this page to add your thoughts and guest book entry. 🙂

This is a photo of the physical guest book that currently greets our guests along with fresh lavender in season. Take a deep breath and imagine the sweet scent. You might also like to imagine the misty mountain mornings, the sparkling fireflies lighting up the summer nights, the crackling fire in the winter, or the sound of giggling kiddos and the acoustic guitar filling the air. It’s fun to read the guest book entries and reminisce. I love the sentiment on the cover and the artwork (artist signature looks like Gail Marie). “These are the days memories are made of.” If you’d like to make memories with me, I’d love to have you join me for art gatherings and playdates.



Also, I’d love to be able to keep in touch. You can sign up for the Thrivivalist Newsletter to add yourself to my address book and receive digital happy mail, occasional email updates, and sweet soul food! ❤

Thank YOU so much for visiting!

I hope you have a be*you*to*full day and thrive true,

Julia (a.k.a. Jules)

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