Impeccable Words

* Note: This blog post was written before moving from the Loving Rd domain/website to Thrive True for technical reasons and before adopting the pen name Julia Ostara (which is just 2 letters different than my married name and sounds more feminine to me). Please pardon any outdated references/links. Thank you!

One of the 4 Agreements that I try to remember and live by is to “be impeccable with my word.”  Words are literally food for thought in addition to being powerful as either poison or good medicine!  Words often find their way into my art such as these recent paintings.

I started the New Year by burning a bit of sage to cleanse our home (I just used some dried culinary sage that we had from our garden – interesting scent… which my kids did not like).  The seashell I chose to burn it in was collected when we were in the Outer Banks last year and it reminded me of an eagle elder (does anyone else see that, too?) which led to me singing the Steve Miller Band song, “Fly like an Eagle” in my head. 


So, part of the lyrics from that song made it into one of the paintings (the lesson was to choose a quote).  When one of my sons was a toddler he used to say he was “painting a song” while he hummed along.  I love that memory!  Now, I often find myself painting a song. 🙂


I always love painting prayers/blessings and this one incorporated many of the words/ideas I chose to focus on for this year:


This next one was actually done as part of the Art of Gratitude collaborative e-course that I was blessed to host recently.  I finally got around to scanning it and it seemed fitting to share with these.  I’ve seen a luna moth once that I can recall in nature… shortly after we moved to our current home (near Blue Ridge, GA) 5.5 years ago and not long after my mom died. This message very much speaks to me and the shape of the moth seemed to volunteer and lead the way.


I really want to loosen up, enjoy the time I spend painting, and invite the child inside to come out and play!  This one was prompted by the words I ripped out of an old dictionary, “flowering species,” which immediately reminded me of the tropical poinciana trees that used to light up our drives with their flaming blooms when we lived in South Florida. There were several little gray birds just outside the window when I was painting that seemed to be asking to jump in.  I didn’t love the placement of the first sun so I decided to really break the rules (in my head) and have 2 suns… which made my heart so happy! 🙂 Freedom and FUN! <3


I watched a few of the Woman Unleashed videos (freely available through Jan. 31st), including one with dear artist Alena Hennessy, in which I created the following painting.  I love the message that came to me. <3 The original is on a 16×20 canvas board and I’m thrilled to have finally learned how to let photoshop automatically merge the big scans!


This next one was just pure, playful fun!  Several books that I’ve recently read talked about celebrating life.  Hence, I chose the word/idea: “celebration” (which led me to start singing a Kool & the Gang song in my head!  Am I showing my age?!  I’ll be celebrating the BIG 4-0 very soon!)


Are you singing along with me now?  Thanks for joining the party! 😉  Let’s all celebrate. <3

* I’ve made all of these available in the Loving Rd Redbubble shop as prints.  Simply click on the photo to go straight to the listing.  If you’re interested in one of the originals, please let me know in the comments and I’ll get in touch.  Thanks so much!

PS – I’m grateful to be participating in 2 fabulous e-courses with Alena Hennessy this year (A Year of Painting 2 and A Year of Healing) and these are my creations based on the first lessons about art & words.

I first read the book 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz before my boys were born (they are 11 now) and have had it come back into my life in many ways over the past few years… my husband discovered it and shared it with me (at which time I let him know that we actually already owned the book).  So, I revisited it myself and purchased the audiobook for my Dad who travels a lot and has also come to appreciate it deeply.  Then, it was suggested reading in one of my courses!  Maybe the universe is trying to get something through my thick skull! 😉  The first of the 4 Agreements is to “be impeccable with your word.”  It may sound simple, but it can be a challenge (to keep my word to my kids, friends, and especially, myself!).

May we all realize the power of our words and choose words that love, honor, and lift (both others and ourselves!) and celebrate together. <3

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