Hello, beautiful! Thank you so very much for visiting this particular page. Art can be such a beautiful, inspirational, encouraging, empowering gift… sweet soul food for both the creators and viewers. Welcome to my online art gallery/show! It is the place where I invite intimacy and nurture connection between us through the language of art. It is where I share my deepest treasures – the treasure I’ve been ‘digging’ to find buried within. 😉 I often greet the blank canvas/surface as both a playground and a temple of sorts – a place to meet with mystery, dance with the divine, explore the wonders & wilderness, play with possibility, sing, pray, cry, celebrate and co-create with the life force that flows through all! I’m delighted to be able to share these with you. I hope and trust that each one will find a lovely home sweet home. I am grateful for the ability to fill our home with creations from artists around the world along with my own art. I am also very grateful for people like you that choose to support artists and bring unique art that speaks to you from the screen into your home. Thank YOU from the depths of my heart! ♡ May you be blessed in some way as a result of spending time here. Enjoy the ‘treasure hunt’ as you browse! 😉 View more in the gift shop, which is updated more often.

Some of them come with a playlist, poem, or story. If you find something you love and the original has already been sold or you need an affordable gift, high quality prints can be made. Please contact me and I’ll be glad to serve you! Some art is also available printed on practical items like cups and tote bags in the shop. Of course, watermarks do not appear on originals. The prices vary quite a bit based on cost of materials, time invested, shipping costs, etc. I’m currently in the process of scanning and uploading several pieces so please check back soon for more options. 🙂


“Seed of the Divine”


“The Sun Also Rises”

“Stairways to Heavens”

“Diamond Dust”

“Wind of Change”

“Jewels of Wonder”

“Lighten Up”

“Heirloom Seeds”

“Trail Mix”

“Wild Wishes”

“Blooming Poppy”

“Painted Lady”

“Alchemy Zinnia”

“Lovely Union”

Please click here to see more originals listed in the shop that I haven’t had time to add to this page yet.

Thanks again for spending some of your sacred time here! I wish I could give you a cup of tea while you’re here so I send a favorite tea with each original purchased. 🙂 I’d love to get to know you a bit as well. Please visit the guest book page if you’d like to introduce yourself and share your thoughts with me.

May we thrive in harmony, Julia/Jules

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